Chief Innovation Officer’s Retreat Miami

[Download 2014 Retreat Summary & Key Takaways]

Last weekend, months of careful planning and workshop development was realized in Kalypso’s first Innovation Officer’s Retreat in Miami Florida. Side by side with an exclusive group of innovation executives and notable thought leaders, Chris Trimble and Karl Ronn, we dedicated two days to collaborating, sharing, and working through the tough innovation challenges faced in large organizations.

When the working sessions concluded, we shifted our focus to exploring Miami with a private tour of Wynwood Walls, spray painting with local graffiti artists, informative scotch tastings, and rocketing around South Beach in a modified racing boat.

The small, intimate group size allowed for the meaningful knowledge sharing and the development of tightly-knit relationships. Bill Poston kicked off day one defining the Rising Role of the Chief Innovation Officer. Chris Trimble then broke the ice by weaving the group together using his “How Stella Saved the Farm” parable as a catalyst for conversation and hands on discussions around breakthrough innovation execution and innovating outside the core. Day two began with Mike Friedman painting a picture of the innovation results transformation journey, followed shortly after by Karl Ronn introducing a series of tools for setting innovation strategy and thinking though business model innovation.

Working with my team to deliver an event like this is immensely gratifying. When participants tell us that our event shifted their thinking and inspired them to take action, I know we have delivered real value. I wish the weekend didn’t have to end, but I’m excited to do it all over again in the years to come.


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